DIGITAL VERSION - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) : Participant’s Workbook an



Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) : Participant’s Workbook and Clinician’s supplement


General objective: The « CBT » module aims at understanding our symptoms better and finding new ways to deal with them and feel better about ourselves. The module consists of four parts, wich are


1) Stress : how it affects me,

2) Testing hypotheses and looking for alternatives,

3) Drugs, alcohol and how I feel, and

4) Coping and competence.


Each part is described as we encounter it in the related ativities. The CBT module follows the order of the activities in this workbook. Discussions are planned for each activity and are carried out, either in pairs or with the whle group discussing each topic. Following each activity, we will review what has been learned, what was liked and what was experiences. Each activity will end a snack and socialization period.


    Laboratoire d'étude sur la schizophrénie et les psychoses orientés vers l'intervention et le rétablissement.

    Laboratory for education on schizophrenia and psychoses oriented to intervention and recovery.

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