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DIGITAL VERSION - WITH CBT - Psycho educational group for relatives WITH a pa...

DIGITAL VERSION - WITH CBT - Psycho educational group for relatives WITH a pa...



The WITH Module is a psycho educational group meant for people in relationship WITH a participant in the CBT Module.


While the CBT Module is intended for young adults experiencing a first episode of psychosis, The WITH Module offers people in contact with these young people ways to better understand the experience lived by the person living a first episode and by relatives.The WITH program comprises 4 sections with a total of 24 group activities animated by 2 therapists. In the past, the CBT Module (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) has been successfully offered to many young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. We then found that relatives (parents, siblings, friends, spouses) wanted more information about the activities of the CBT Module. This module WITH has been designed specifically for loved ones.


Here are the general objectives:

At the end of the WITH module, close family and friends of the individual will be able to:

1. Understand the impact of a first psychotic episode on the person having it as well as on their close family and friends;

2. Accompany and support the young adult through their first psychotic episode;

3. Identify the means in order to reduce the consequences and discomfort related to

the first psychotic episodes for the young adult and their close family and friends;

4. Exchange with other people living a similar situation and share means with them in

order to feel better;

5. Understand the implications of being in relationship with a person suffering from

a first psychotic episode;

6. Maintain a positive attitude and foster the hope of recovery of the person having

a first psychotic episode;

7. Take advantage of cognitive behavioural strategies in order to minimize the difficulties associated with a first psychotic episode;

8. Adapt to stressful situations and be able to control the symptoms related to stress;

9. Collaborate in finding a plan in order to avoid a relapse.

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